investigating the world
recognize perspectives
take action
communicate ideas

DCIS at Ford Investigates the World:

  • All students attend four field trips during the school year; 4th and 5th grade have an overnight field trip.
  • Every year teachers and administrators have the opportunity to attend the ISSN Summer Academy in New York or Los Angeles.
  • In 2016 teachers will be traveling to Guatemala for a cultural emersion experience.

DCIS at Ford Recognizes Perspective:

  • Teachers give students choices in their academics.
  • Students have the opportunity to learn outside the classroom settings.
  • DCIS at Ford takes an active roll on learning about our parents and our community.

DCIS at Ford Elementary Takes Action:

  • We give back to the community! Students visit nursing homes during the Holidays to sing Christmas Carols.
  • Students learn how to be problem solvers.
  • We partner with Project Exodus to meet the learning needs of all of our students through rec centers, camping trips, and after school opportunities.
  • Parents Empower Parents through an annual Global Leadership Conference designed by DCIS at Ford that serves the community of Montbello.

DCIS at Ford Communicates Ideas:

  • We teach and support our students how to be effective communicators using the Habits of Discussion.
  • Students have regular access to the tools they need to be ready for the 21st
  • We invest in the school technology.
  • We empower the parents through educational and leadership programs.

Whatever it takes so all succeed!

Welcome to DCIS at Ford Elementary! We are committed to making sure our students are College Ready and Globally Competent!


DCIS at Ford exists to provide an equitable and excellent education so that students meet or exceed district, state and International Studies standards.


DCIS at Ford students are college and career ready. DCIS at Ford consists of high performing leaders, teachers and students that contribute to our school, community and world.

Globally Competent means...

We embrace the Four Domains:

  • Investigate the world
  • Weigh other perspectives
  • Communicate ideas well
  • Take action to make the world a better place

Our teachers plan using SAGE advice:

  • Student choice
  • Authentic work
  • Global significance
  • Exhibition to a real-world audience

DCIS at Ford provides instruction through:

  • Literacy instruction (writing and reading) in the students’ native language, following the Great Habits, Great Readers model
  • Mathematics
  • Integrated Technology and Arts
  • Spanish Language and Culture
  • Physical Education
  • Visual Arts and Performing Arts

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