Students from DCIS at Ford visit the White House

Posted 11/30/2015

This week, several fourth and fifth graders from DCIS at Ford Elementary School in Denver participated in a tour of the White House.

students at the white houseOver the past three years, DCIS at Ford has enjoyed an active parent committee under the leadership of Ms. Ginger Conroy, the principal of the school. The parents successfully completed several fundraising projects to support the school, thus creating more opportunities for the students, including a visit to the White House in Washington DC on September 22, 2015.

Proving students with the opportunity to travel have been a top priority for the DCIS at Ford staff. For that reason, students from ECE to fifth grade participate in four field trips during the school year, including an overnight trip for fourth and fifth graders.

The staff at DCIS at Ford also believes that while the school remains under the umbrella of the Denver Center for International Studies, every student deserves the best opportunity to succeed in this world.

The trip to the White House, a dream come true for the community of Montbello, will allow students to learn about the history of the United States and to be at the same location where some of the most famous world leaders and visionaries have been.

For the participant students, this is their first time traveling by plane even though the Montbello neighborhood, where they live and attend school, is just 10 miles from the Denver International Airport.

“As an International Studies school, we strive to provide opportunities for our scholars to investigate the world. We are very excited that our students will be visiting our nation’s capital and the White House,” Principal Conroy said.